Try These Brain-Boosting Games to Make Your Dog Smarter

Dogs are adorable. Whether they’re sleeping like an oddball, being silly doing the most trivial things, or just being cute, we end up laughing every single time. And a good game of fetch with your dog will be a perfect way to bond and exercise at the same time. But the downside of such activities is that there is no critical thinking involved. Let me explain. If your goal is to destress, then fetching and tug-of-war might be the best activity. However, if you want to strengthen your bonding and enhance your dog’s confidence, working together as a team is all you need. This type of interactive brain games can also make your dog more suitable to perform as an emotional support animal. So, before you apply for an ESA letter online, take a closer look at how you can train your dog and make him smarter.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Finding hidden treasures is an excellent way of getting your dog to use his sense of smell. It’s a great way to stimulate his brain and teach them to use their senses. For starters, you would want your dog to get into the feel and don’t get discouraged. Then begin your game by telling your dog to sit and stay while hiding a treat in some obvious place. This will trigger your dog’s brain, and he will go to places nearby to find his toy. The moment he completes his mission, make sure to reward him for finding the hidden treasure. Once he starts understanding the game, increase their difficulty level. Hide their toy in some other place such as the bottom of laundry or under a food dish. You can also use cardboard boxes. Let your dog find his hidden treasure beneath all these smells and scents. Just make sure that you reward him whenever he succeeds in the hunt.

Ring Stackers

Just as toys teach kids about eye-hand coordination, the same toys can teach your dogs’ different organization skills, eye-paw, or eye-mouth. Walking with your dog to any toy store will help you prepare all sorts of coordination. The common of all includes ring stackers. But, mind you, your dog will take some time to learn this game. It would be hours to start with basics and weeks to perfect the game. However, ensure to use natural dyes instead of plastic since your dog will be biting the rings. There are different sizes available as per your dog’s requirement. Experts suggest going for clicker training while playing with ring stickers. That’s how he will learn stacking rings. You can also customize the game by putting rings in different rooms. And when your fluffy companion completes the task, treat them with big rewards.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

If you thought that it was a child’s play, let me tell you, it’s a fun game to play with your dog as well. You can make your dog sit and stay. Then, the ultimate challenge of finding you will enrich his brain signals to locate your smell. That’s how you will challenge his memory and cognitive abilities by picking up the most difficult or challenging spots. Let him go the extra mile to figure out where you might be. And in the end, reward him with his favorite toys or treats.

Look in The Eyes

This is quite an exciting task. Here you make an effort to make your dog look into your eyes. For that, you can hold a treat over your forehead and ask your dog to look at you. Gradually take the treats out of the game and use a hand signal or any verbal command for him to look within your eyes. That’s how you will build understanding and seek for your dog’s attention. But that’s not the whole point of this exercise. Ever heard the phrase “eye hugs.” That’s what we are talking about. You want to give yourself the gift of oxytocin gaze that triggers love between you and your beloved four-legged companion.

You can also use this technique to teach your dogs the difference between a normal gaze and one filled with panic. If you get panic attacks or anxiety attacks often, you can teach your dogs to identify their occurrence by the stance you take, your facial expressions or your gaze.

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In a Nutshell

If you really want to seek your emotional support dog’s undivided attention, switching up from your monotonous routine would help. That’s how you will challenge one or more of his senses to help you through different emergencies, physical, or emotional. Mental health is essential for your dog, as well. And such games and tricks will help him to be in the game always. They will strengthen your dog’s mind and will boost your bonding with your playmate. If you find your dog excelling in certain behaviors, it’s a sign that your training is going in the right direction. You can also talk to some good dog trainers and devise a customized training plan for your dog to boost his cognitive skills. Once you have trained your dog to assist you in the right conditions, you can apply for an ESA letter. Wondering how to register your dog as an emotional support animal? The process is simple. Book an appointment with your own therapist or our certified ESA doctors. Get evalauted for your medical condition. Receive your ESA letter if qualified.

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