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Top 5 Problematic Youtubers that Just Don’t Know When to Stop

Youtube has been a space for people to express themselves however they want. But some people take that a little too seriously. And as an audience, we really don’t want to see how vile someone truly is, or how they hate each other. I mean, a little bit of it is fun, but some of these youtubers just don’t know when to stop.

So we’ve prepared a list of our 5 favorites, and by fav we mean the most problematic youtubers we’ve come across. If you decide to watch any of their vlogs, you should probably keep a thc cartridge handy, you’ll need it. Find the best ones at The Observer.

Jeffree Star

From his racist comment over the years, to his feuds with numerous youtubers, friendships with other problematic youtubers and a kink for starting drama and rumours about other artists, Jeffree Star steals the show at number 1.

There is absolutely no other youtuber who can top his level of dramatic influence. And even with all the shame that comes his way, he was capitalized on them all. Do you remember any of his apology videos (there are many) that weren’t monetized? Yeah, me neither.

Having feud with almost every beauty youtuber out there, it was only last year when he got into a feud that wasn’t even his own. Tati’s allegations against James Charles should have had nothing to do with Star, but he ended up joining the controversy, only to end it with another apology video.

The man really never learns.

And he’s still out there, making content. How long till the next apology video?


Shane Dawson

When Jeffree Star is in the house, you can’t go without mentioning his pal, Shane Dawson. It was his documentary that redeemed Star’s character in the public eye. Hell, even I sympathized with all that Star had been through and started watching some of his videos(not for long though).

As one of the initial creators on Youtube, Shane’s been here for a long time and he’s most definitely done a lot of shady stuff. Every few years, an old video of his racist and sexual remarks resurfaces, cancelling him for the nth time.

But it’s his comments about pedophilia and sexual conduct with his cat that raised the most eyebrows. Even though he’s been cancelled for some time now, and you don’t see him a lot on social media, He’s made sure to keep himself away from his youtube career but still closely connected with his instagram following. Something as simple as a ‘furniture haul’ has made sure he never really goes out of touch with his audience. Even guest appearances in Star or Ryland Adams’ videos (Another youtuber and his fiance) has kept him in the game.

And guess what, he’s coming out with his first youtube series after the long hiatus.

Are you ready to get into some more drama?

Jay Station

Even though he isn’t at the top of this list, he most definitely tops the list of the most despicable youtuber. Why? Because his audience are kids and teenagers.

If you’ve even watched a single video of him, you know it either involves scripted 3am challenges (yeah, yeah, that oogie boogie summoning and what not) or trespassing, for which he’s actually been caught and that had a controversy of its own.

If that was it, I wouldn’t care enough about him to put him in this list. But it was the whole ordeal with his (then) girlfriend that really put him on full blast.

  1. He made a video about his (then) girlfriend’s death due to an accident to get a bigger youtube following.
  2. Followed by another video of going to her memorial service.
  3. The idea was to call her at 3a.m. (oogie boogie much?) and resurrect her(Ok Jesus!).

The videos have since been deleted as Alexia’s parents (the girlfriend) ended up watching the video and being traumatised. His videos were also indefinitely banned from social media platforms, for good reason.

Not only this, but a few weeks after this episode, Alexia actually filed a complaint against JayStation on charges of domestic violence.

All said and done, this is one creator I don’t wish to see again.


Jake Paul

Everybody hated on the other Paul brother for his ‘suicide forest video’ – which was awful, but the real problematic Paul seems to be Jake.

With a marginal underage following, this Paul seems to be making a lot of sexual and age inappropriate content. Trespassing, racism, sexual content, throwing parties during the pandemic, sexual assault allegations, terrorozing his neighbors and what not; this man has done it all.

And even with such a controversial career, he seems to have accumulated a pretty solid fanbase that still keeps him relevant in the industry.


Trisha Paytas

The girl’s pretty entertaining to watch, if I’m being honest. It’s a whole package deal of funny mukbangs, controversial rumours, some racism, mental breakdowns and whatever else she does, I’ve lost count.

She knows how to keep the audience talking about her, and she doesn’t care about the narrative.

Like any of these youtubers we just bashed? (not really, we actually just stated facts) Sorry, not sorry.

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