How do Online Games Improve Your Well Being During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

It may come as a surprise to you that online games can actually be helpful during quarantine. You may already be aware of its role as a source of fun and excitement in the quarantine boredom. But what I mean by ‘helpful’ is more in terms of your well being.


Now this may go against the beliefs of your parents but gaming is not really a waste of time. In fact, there have been several studies about how video games have a positive impact on an individual’s well being. From improving mental health to improving social interactions, you can extract benefits from games into all spheres of life. And these factors can actually be advantageous during the quarantine and otherwise as well.


So what other benefits are we looking at? And how exactly do video games facilitate well being? Let’s find out.

They keep you connected

Until the mid 1990s, there were no facilities of voice or video chat in gaming but thankfully we now live in a digital world. You can play an online game with all your friends while staying connected through voice and video chat. This feature has proven to be more helpful than ever during the present lockdown.

If you were worried about your social life, online games have got you covered. There are competitive and cooperative games that let you work against or with other players. Fortnight and Spaceteam are great examples of such games. You can play with your friends or total strangers who share the same passions or ideas as you. This helps build social skills as well as team work and helpful behaviors. And who knows you may even have a new friend by the end of the lockdown.

Improves cognitive abilities

You read that right. Online games can help improve your cognitive abilities. Since games involve the concept of success and defeat, players are more focused to complete a given task or goal. This improves concentration as well as thinking skills. Some games like Call of Duty and Mario Kart involve extreme alertness and survival tactics. This makes the player access risks and make decisions accordingly. Also, you need to be able to react to stimulus as quickly as possible. In short, you have to put your brain to use. Such decisions improve analytical thinking and reduce the habit of impulsive decisions.


Games also build memory and observation skills. Certain games are all about how well you remember and observe things. Card games, chess, Crossword are some examples.

Maintain a healthy mental state

You may have heard of the psychological benefits of music and even art. But a lesser known fact is that online games can also improve your mental state in various ways.

The world is dealing with a state of crisis which can take a toll on your mental health. But video games can provide you with much needed distraction. With new challenges and goals, your mind changes focus.The virtual world of games also gives you a great escape from the present situation. This way it keeps you from feeling overwhelmed with the current pandemic.


They can also be a great way to uplift mood and release emotional stress. Intense or competitive games build adrenaline and sometimes give a sense of control. Some games provide new challenges that are easy to overcome. This renders a feeling of achievement, reward and completion which somehow regulates the mood and calms the person mentally.

Keep you from missing the outside world

Online games do attach you to the bed or couch for a long time. It could have been a negative aspect for any other year but currently it’s the best way to ensure safety. Your focus on games will keep you from going outside. You will also not long for your missed Europe vacation or your friend’s favorite chilling spot for most part of the day.

The virtual space of games takes you on adventures and let’s you explore new worlds. This keeps you away from reality but also provides the much-needed alternative to the outside world. Some games like Pokemon Go also keep you active even in an indoor space. In other words, games do add a touch of normalcy in such radical times.

Moderation is key

All the benefits that I have mentioned are only applicable when moderation is followed. Games should not be an all day affair. Yes you are stuck at home and have nothing to do but this doesn’t justify you sitting in front of a screen all day.

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Some games do involve a lot of investment from your side. For example, the shooting game Valorant has taken the world by storm. You have to give in a lot of time to unlock missions and improve rankings. But most gamers counter this by using Valorant boosting services. Not only do they improve your ranking and unlock missions but also keep you from investing too much time in the game. So moderation is maintained without any compromise.


You can instead follow a workout routine, practice cooking or maybe plant some vegetables for the summer.

Final Thoughts

Next time someone tells you that online games aren’t helpful you know how to prove them wrong. Let games be a way to interact with your friends and maintain sanity in life. But remember that moderation is key. Enjoy online gaming but within limits to maintain the well being of your body and mind.


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