From Bolt to Kabbee: The Next Generation UK Taxi Apps

Technology is advancing with the speed of light. Every day you come across a new app. Some are big giants while others are trying to match the level of their competitors. You see all of them are in a close tussle with each other in order to steal the crown And the good news is, some of them have managed to touch the standards of the two big taxi service apps – Lyft and Uber.

You see over the years Lyft and Uber have faced many backlashes from the driving community and passengers itself. The backlashes are largely related with security concerns, which by the way is the topmost priority for British citizens. In the light of these backlashes, many apps are being produced and over the past two years, several taxi sharing apps have launched in England. The same way the best plumbers are emergency plumber in Sutton Coldfield Uber still remains the king, the new apps are fighting vigorously to get on the top. This is why we have come up with a list of next-generation apps you need to learn everything about. Let’s begin!

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Bolt arrived in 2017 and was formerly known as Taxify. Unfortunately, the authorities shut the app down as it failed to acquire the right licensing. However, after thorough analysis, the app came back in 2019. Bolt has over 35,000 drivers and around 1.5 million sign-ups in London alone. Following the footsteps of Uber, Bolt has also launched its food delivery services in Tallinn. Soon it will be expanding its food delivery services to South Africa, Latvia, Lithuania. Sadly not in London.


Kabbee is the only app with a different approach to taxi services. Unlike Uber and Bolt, Kabbee does not have its own cab services. Instead, Kabbee pulls up to 50 cabs from around the city and utilizes it as minicab services. Perhaps why Kabbee specifically deals in services like airport rides and is way cheaper than Ola and Uber. And the good news is, Kabbee has a fixed rule policy. This also means no surge in prices and you will ride to the airport at a reasonable and fixed rate.


Kapten, a French start-up with 50 percent off on new rides. BMW and Daimler backed up app launched in May fled the market with rides 20 percent cheaper than the rest of the taxi services.Interestingly, Kapten’s backup reveals that the app is all business and no reckless decisions. You might think that this is a marketing strategy to build the reputation and customer base of Kapten.

However, Kapten says that it can provide customers with low fares because of the congestion charge covers. Kapten covers the congestion charges on behalf of its drivers making the ride at least $2 cheap. In addition to this, it also offers a loyalty program. This program is about presenting customers with rewards like free rides and other benefits. As of now, Kapten has 20, 000 drivers across London and it aims on catching up with Uber in the near future.


If you are a big fan of the ‘pool’ feature then ViaVan is the right app for you. Basically, ViaVan is a joint venture between Via and Mercedes-Benz and it is an on-demand bus with extra cool features. You will never feel alone on the ViaVan bus and it is best for people who feel guilty about getting clogged on the roads. ViaVan was launched last year in April and since then it has provided millions of customers with its services. All thanks to its pool feature and the venturing license ViaVan received in for additional three years.


If you live your life economically, then wheely is not for you. Basically, wheely is a luxury app preferably chosen by the fashion crowd. The app was launched in Paris in September and the app noticeably does not work with taxi or cab services. Instead, Wheeley is chauffeur car service to be precise and the process of hiring is automatically different from the rest of the cab services. For instance, only accredited drivers ensuring the highest level of services are selected by the company and he rides mostly associated with Paris Fashion Week and other high-end fashion events.


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