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Feeling Depressed Lately? Traveling Solo Might Help

Who doesn’t love traveling? Even if you haven’t really explored a lot of places, you are allowed to say you love traveling, after all it’s your emotion towards an activity that you would love doing if given a chance.

Among travelers, there’s a sub category that loves traveling solo. And if you are someone who has never traveled solo, the internet is filled with articles suggesting why you should travel alone.

While most of those articles concentrate on reasons like independence and financial benefits, this article is solely dedicated to people who are feeling depressed lately or are going through something.


Improves Your Relationship With Yourself

I don’t know if you have recently started feeling low or if you have a history with depression, either way I can sense that your relationship with yourself must have suffered a lot. That is what depression does to you. We tend to push everyone away from us when we feel low and in the process it is pretty normal that we grow distant with our own selves as well. It may sound a little weird for a lot of people but people who can feel this, you are not alone.

Traveling solo improves your relationship with yourself as you get to spend some quality time with yourself. You are dependent on yourself, exploring places that intrigue you, and allowing yourself to open up to new people and places. This will definitely give you the space to open up and feel better about yourself. You get to connect to your inner self and understand your emotions better.

Improves Your Relationship With Yourself

Boosts Self Confidence

Well, you are in charge of everything. You are doing everything on your own and you are going to ace it, trust me on this. Even if the trip is not successful overall, which is highly unlikely, you are going to feel good about how you managed to plan and execute everything all by yourself. Only stepping out of your comfort zone is a reason strong enough to make you feel confident about yourself. You did something, you stepped out of your place and you explored a place that you always wanted to, without someone else being on your side. Don’t tell me this doesn’t boost your self confidence.

Allows You to Know Yourself Better

Traveling solo means you do whatever you like doing. You may not even know what you like until you actually decide to do something. I’ll tell you, when I went through something, I had lost so much hope that literally nothing made me happy. I had lost interest in all my hobbies and I barely knew what I liked.

There was a time where if someone would ask me what I like doing to make myself feel better, I had no answer. Because I wasn’t doing anything to make myself feel better. I allowed depression to take the best of me. And then when I started traveling solo, it was my second trip when I reinvented my passion for having a slow yet productive morning routine. It sounds weird, I know. But yes, on that trip I realized how much I loved mornings and having a cup of coffee while filling my morning pages.

Similarly, I redeveloped my long lost love for reading.

These may not be the best examples of knowing oneself better but I believe I had to put a lot of effort into knowing myself again. I had lost myself to depression and I had no idea what I used to be like.

Anyway, this is something solo traveling can help you with.

To know yourself better in a fun manner, I highly recommend trying

Helps Reduce Stress

I believe any activity that pushes you to physically leave your place can reduce stress but traveling solo can reduce stress by a lot. And not just for the time being, it can alleviate stress for longer than the duration of your trip. Traveling solo can fill you up with so much positivity that it can effectively reduce your stress levels by a lot.

This is a point that I don’t have to explain a lot, I believe. You can experience this yourself once you go out all by yourself.

Makes You a Better Person for Yourself

Makes You a Better Person for Yourself

This is one of the most important things according to me. We all have a wishlist of how we would want our person to be. Be it a friend or a partner, we expect them to be a certain way. Do you think you have a personality like that? If you were to be your own partner, do you think you match that wishlist? Well, that is what being a better person for yourself is.

If you can’t be your own friend, there is no point in expecting others to be your friends either. I learned this the hard way. But yes, traveling solo can help you be a better person overall and for yourself. While people usually concentrate on the overall betterment, I firmly believe for someone who feels low and depressed frequently, focusing on being a better person for yourself is more important. Spending some time alone and traveling solo can help you a lot in getting better and being self dependent.

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