8 Top Ways To Care For Your Pet

Recently, I came across an emotional support dog on a plane seat beside me! The first thing I ended up asking the owner about how she maintains her pet’s hygiene?


ESAs are now everywhere these days. You probably saw an ESA dog sitting in a plane beside you or even saw an ESA duck walking with its owner across the street. There is no limit to which animal which individual adopts as his/her emotional support animal.


According to me- what matters is how well you take care of them? Are they fed properly? Are they groomed and walked frequently? What about their hygiene?


Even though an ESA is supposed to help you combat your anxiety, stress, and depression, they have an equal share of care and needs. Hence, you need to keep their health on your priority list!


Here are 8 pointers to keep in mind when you have a pet with you!


The most important aspect to keep in check is the health of an emotional support animal. Schedule a regular visit to your vet for a routine check-up to avoid any probable illness. Get all its vaccinations or prescribed medication (if any) on time. Although they are animals, regular check-ups like humans would help you assess and manage underlying diseases.


How well your ESA works for you depends upon how strong and affectionate your bond with it is! Hence, it doesn’t matter if your ESA is too young or has been in the family for a long time. Spend time and create a bond of trust between you two. This will ensure a good relationship and help your friend do its job efficiently. Ways to achieve a trustful bond is by showing them attention, affection, keeping them entertained, and playing with them whenever you can. An enduring bond with your ESA will make you resilient in your business too.


Your emotional support animal is not limited to being a dog or a cat! They can be any animals of your choice to cope up with your mental and emotional issues. It is best to have a routine with your ESA as the majority of them benefit from a proper schedule. A set schedule includes setting feeding times and taking them for a stroll outside, if necessary. Moreover, a set routine means less unnecessary stress!

Living Space

Whatever animal you choose as your ESA, ensure to offer them suitable living space. For instance, a dog needs his own kennel and a yard for walks, whereas a hamster can live happily in a cage. Also, if you have your pets in your home, pet-proof all your surfaces and rooms. Comfortable living space also means comfort for ESA. Your pet needs as much rest and relaxation as you do.


Animals are not very different from humans. To stay healthy, they need a healthy balanced diet and at set times. It is essential for their well-being and longevity. Hence, you should be aware of what is good and bad to feed your ESA. Also, bring some surprises to them once or twice a week to make their meals exciting. Do not forget to take their age, weight, size into account before making a pet-food purchase.


Training is not necessary for emotional support animals, but a little practice to behave in public spaces and amidst strangers is vital. Your ESA should be social enough to create an adverse situation for you. Either you can train your own ESA or hire a professional trainer. An ESA is supposed to provide you comfort and affection when you feel low or have a panic attack. Nobody likes a pet throwing tantrums and behaving notoriously.


You have to keep them looking nice and clean. First, an untidy pet is a house of many diseases that affect not only them but can also affect you. Forget not prevention is better than cure. Also, this is your ESA- you will carry him everywhere with you. Maybe you planned a trip to Europe with your ESA! Do you want other strangers to stop by in disgust, and then walk away mumbling something? I guess not! Grooming is important to keep your pet hygienic. The frequency of grooming depends upon the animal you chose as your ESA.


The temperament of a pet says a lot about your ESA. Hence, be aware of its behavior to identify an underlying problem. It can be a simple injury or boredom or sickness. For instance, if they show aggression, fear, or lack of energy, then it is best to visit a vet as soon as possible. Do not try to medicate them as per your knowledge nor google remedies! Of course, if you’re using all the above tips with efficacy, such situations are rare to arise. But, you still need to take care of your ESA. Ensure that they are healthy, happy, and comfortable with you. You may have plans to travel to England one day with your ESA!


Remember, an ESA is not only a pet to you; they are your friend. Taking care of them in return for their emotional support is essential and advantageous for both of you. ESAs help you ease your situations and reduce the cynical effects of mental and emotional problems. They build up your motivation, self-esteem, and enhance the sense of responsibility to take your mind off the troublesome issues. Overall, there are ample benefits to having an ESA. Just take good care of them!

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