5 Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Being a woman, traveling alone gives you a sense of freedom and self-confidence. I have experienced the same for myself. It is the way to explore the world without any restrictions from the family. We have a lot of time for enjoying new experiences in life. You can collect a lot of essential knowledge. However, the question of their security often gets stuck in their mind. So, they feel unsafe and uncomfortable to go out alone.

Let me help you in answering these questions. I am going to discuss some effective safety tips that will keep you safe while traveling.

Study About the Destination in Detail

Study About the Destination in Detail

So, you have made up your mind to travel for your first solo trip. It’s great! The first thing that you have to do is the right selection of the destination. Collect all the information such as weather conditions, security, best hotel and traveling location about the place you are going to travel. As your main concern is safety here, make sure that the local people are welcoming, respectable and cultured.

Along with this estimate the cost you need to pay for taxis, hotel, and food. It will be useful for managing your budget for traveling. Keeping all the necessary information about the destination helps avoid unnecessary stress.

Go For the Right Accommodation

While booking a hotel or accommodation, be very wise with your choice. It can make or ruin your trip. Do not go for the cheap one as it may not provide required services and security. Search the internet for the best options available in the destination area. Prefer choosing a hotel located in the central location of the city. There is easy access to public transportation in such areas. Such properties also offer 24×7 customer services. The hotel must be equipped with all the necessary tools required in case of any emergency.

Stay Aware and Confident

Stay Aware and Confident

You should look confident all the time even if some awkward situation occurs. It will give a sense to others that you are completely familiar to the place and not a new one. Keep an eye on everything happening around you and stay aware about the people near you. Avoid keeping much cash with you. Keep your money safe and don’t put it all together. You should keep the money fragmented rather than keeping it in one place. In case, if any thief snatches your purse at least you will have some other money kept at another place.

If you find something suspicious around you such as getting followed by someone for a long time, call for the local help immediately. The local help could be the police, local citizens or security personnel of the area.To avoid such a situation, you can get a female bodyguard for hire.


Avoid Going Out at Night

Being new to the place, you should avoid going out at night. You should prefer to join groups rather than going alone for a party. Don’t make it too late to come back to the hotel. Also, if you are going to drink at the party, avoid excessive drinking. Do not overdrink so that you can’t even stand on your feet. Have fun but be alert about surroundings.

Also, Keep all your valuables safe such as jewelry, cash, cards, and documents safe while traveling. When you are in another country your passport is more valuable than anything else. You should keep your passport and other documents with care and safety. Don’t carry them with you all the time.

Make Use of Public Transport

Make Use of Public Transport

While visiting the local locations or sights, prefer using public transport such as buses and taxis. It is more safe to travel in public transport rather than private services. You should not walk around at night. If you have connections in the country, let them know that you are staying there. Use your phone and set the location of the place where you are going to visit. Keep tracking whether the driver is going the same way or not.


I really hope that these tips will help you most in your first solo travel. So, pack your bags and get ready for a new experience. Have a great time and enjoy the trip with full confidence.


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