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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Staying Alone

We are a generation that is literally obsessed with being independent for all the right reasons. But some of us may not have the courage to actually imagine a life where we pay for what we use, ourselves. Somehow the idea of independence is not the same for everyone and even though people consider earning a decent income as being independent, that is not all. Living in your parents house is your right and choice but if you’re not even contributing to the expenses, especially for your own spending, you are not completely independent. It is high time you should consider moving out of your parent’s place not just to be independent and spend money but to experience life that is outside your parents’ house. No doubt this life requires a little struggle, but this life can offer you peace, satisfying and happiness that staying at one place forever cannot.

You are The Actual Boss

When you live alone, all by yourself, you are the real boss. You do you, in everything, literally. And there is nothing more satisfying than living on your own terms and conditions. You get to spend your time however you want, eat whatever you feel like and do whatever you wish to do. You can even pursue your hobby now that you have a place all by yourself, with no external interference and disturbance whatsoever. You can finally practice the lifestyle that you always wanted to. Follow a diet, have a routine and basically practice everything that intrigues you, without feeling like someone’s watching you.

You Get Your Personal Space

No matter how cool your family has been and no matter how separately you were living despite staying at your parent’s place. The personal space and privacy you can expect by living alone cannot be matched by having a personal room when you are living with a family. You get to live a life on your own terms and have a space where you can do whatever you want, good or nasty, however you like without having anyone to judge you for your actions. No one can stop you from doing what you desire.

You Accept Yourself

This is a big one. When you stay alone, you get to know yourself better. What your strengths and flaws are and how you manage to do everything efficiently. Where you lack and how you try to get better at it. You start accepting and appreciating yourself. When you are staying with yourself, you totally depend on others for appreciation and validation and this restricts you from knowing what kind of a person you actually are. You see yourself through the eyes of others when you have people around you but when you live alone, you get to see yourself through your own eyes. You learn to enjoy your own company and be yourself because you finally understand how good you are. This familiarization with oneself is extremely important especially if you wish to have self confidence and esteem.

No Compromises

You don’t have to compromise on living your life the way you want. We all have a life that we dream of but it is next to impossible to actually live it when you stay with your family. Tell me you also have imagined yourself in a place alone, doing everything from household chores to buying grocery. That is exactly the life you can expect when you start living alone. It is everyone’s dream life and not just away from family, from everyone you can think of.

You’ll Be Independent and Productive

The independence that living alone will give you is incomparable. Nothing can make you as independent as living alone, on your own terms, spending and saving on yourself, for yourself, however you want or need. This even makes you productive. Once you know what all tasks you have to do and how you need to manage things to be in a better position, you become more productive. Since you will have to do everything by yourself, you will eventually start planning things in a way it would be easier for you and the best part is, you won’t get scared of work. It may seem hectic but it will always be a part of your routine when you plan it.

Final Words

Living alone can give you everything you desire but there is one possible drawback attached to it. Not everyone may feel the same but living alone can be triggering for some. It can affect your mental health and you may feel lonely. However, it still shouldn’t stop you from trying this life out. In order to avoid this situation, I highly recommend you should go out and make friends in your area that you can talk to, or go out for a walk with. This way you will still be independent but have a company to enjoy. In addition to that, I would also suggest you should take medications that would keep you sane. I personally prefer BudPop’s delta 8 gummies. If you don’t want sweet or if you want higher effectives that edibles, you can also try CBD oil as it is extremely effective and does not have psychoactive properties like THC.

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