5 Must visit old towns in Europe

There is something about the old world charm, that keeps you hooked. It brings you back to the old world era rich with its history, architecture, and culture. Planning to dive in a similar experience? There are plenty of scenic old towns in Europe that let you view history through a different lens. I have compiled a list of 5 old towns in Europe that you should absolutely visit.


‘Rome was not built in a day!’. You’ve probably heard that a lot. Well, no issues with that. Rome is a place that will capture you with its architecture and monuments. From Santa Maria Basilica to the forums of Julius Caesar, the place is doorway to the iconic Roman past. Did I miss something? Oh yeah! The Colosseum. My bad!! Well, the Roman gods lining the breathtaking architecture at Pantheon will let you transcend into the past. Don’t forget to gorge on the delicious Italian cuisine. Visit the palazzos and indulge in sumptuous food served with drinks. Heard of the Trevi Fountain? Also known as the ‘Fountain of 4 rivers’, this is an ideal place for people who want their wishes fulfilled. I’m sure you want that too.


Located in Spain, this will be one of the most colorful old towns you’ll ever see. It’s a place that fills you a sense of elation. You’ll enjoy walking the narrow streets of Marbella while the flowers hanging down from the balconies greet you with joy. Also, the beautiful ladies dressed in Flamenco, the small churches lining the street, and beautiful churches will keep your eyes looking for more. Visit the Orange Square to taste the best of Andalusian Cuisine. The traditional restaurants tend to be on the pricier side but it’s absolutely worth the experience. Marbella’s iconic places include Moorish Walls, Saint John Chappel, Church of Saint Mary, and the craft shops across the streets.

So, what are some places that you can visit here? The Mediterranean glamour is something that is pretty evident throughout the town of Marbella. Shop through the vibrant city and witness the sunset on the beach. Looking for more? The Alameda Park with beautiful fountains and benches topped with hand-crafted tiles offer let you dive into the old world feel.


Amsterdam has always held a soft spot in every traveler’s list. The city has a lot to offer. From the cafes to the infamous Red Light area, the place has something for everyone. It’s quite refreshing to take a bike ride through the streets of Amsterdam with old-world culture, architecture, and history bouncing at you. The coffee shops, restaurants, and bars have everything in stock to give your taste buds an exciting ride. De 9 Straatjes or Little Nine Streets long the historic canal is lined with shopping spots and cafes.

The place is surrounded by neighborhoods like Spui, Dam, De Wallen, and Nieuwmarket that make this place even more exciting. The main old town is famous for Oude Kerk, Madame Tussauds’, and the Royal Palace. Well, the place is great for visiting throughout the year but September to November and March to May are probably the best. So, plan it accordingly.


This place holds in the Second World War. The city speaks of the history it has gone through. The historic center Stare Miasto was largely destroyed during the war. Most part of the city was destroyed during the war. The wounds are still there but the place has recovered well. The places that should be on your list include Market Square, St Martin’s Church, Jesus Church, and St John’s Cathedral. Also, don’t forget the Barbican gate now serves as a gate between the New town and Old town. The city might be wounded but it still lives up to date to give a fairytale experience to the visitors. Are you a summer person? If yes, then great! The best time to visit Warsaw is between June and August. You’ll enjoy the summer sun while indulging in the historic feel of the city.


What does Edinburgh remind you of? Well, it reminds me of the castles reminiscent of the past. The characteristic ghostly feel is something that creates mystery around the place. So, you’ll always be willing to discover more. Where to start with? Edinburgh Castle is a great way to introduce yourself to the rich history of the place. Indulge in the local folklore and walk down the streets lined with cozy pubs. If you’re tired, stop at the Grassmarket to eat and relax with ease. So, what’s the best time to visit? Probably August because the city hosts the Fringe Festival. The streets are filled with performers that will keep you entertained.

Well, it’s not just limited to these, there are a lot of old towns throughout Europe. The list includes Ibiza, Tallin, Vienna, Sibiu, Krakow, Lucerne, and Marseille. They all have the charm that most modern cities lack.


I’m sure with these places on the list, you’re definitely excited. If you’re a fan of traveling and you haven’t really explored the historic vibe, it’s high time you should do it. You won’t regret even a bit of it. Whether you plan it with your family or friends, the trip to these old towns will enrich you with knowledge and countless memories. History is usually synonymous with books but when you’re at the actual place, you basically relive the history again.

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