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5 Amazing Video Games that you can Play on a Non-Gaming PC

With being stuck at home most of the time, done with the whole Netflixing, using some of Islandnow’s delta-8 flower and with no desire to throw another dice on the board, I think, it’s the perfect time to get your hands on a new hobby. Why don’t you try cooking? Or maybe sketching? But if you ask me, I’d say go gaming.

Don’t have a gaming PC? Same here. But hey, where there is will, there is way. And here too, if you are willing to put in a little effort, you can play some amazing games even on your ancient PC. Well, not literally ancient. But… You know what I meant, right?

Okay, now, when I say you need to put in a little effort, I’m not saying you need to upgrade your system. You just need to upgrade your knowledge regarding games. I know your system is not gaming-friendly. But luckily, there are some games that you can run even on low-end PCs. And worry not. These games are actually fun to play.

Here is a list of five amazing video games that you can play even on a non-gaming PC.


Oxenfree by Night School Studio is actually a really nice game to start with if you are not much into gaming. Plus, due to its low graphic requirements, you can play it on any system, which makes it an ideal choice for your non-gaming PC. But hey, despite the low graphic requirements, it won’t disappoint you in terms of design and story.

The storyline of the game takes you, the protagonist, to a mysterious island, which, at the time of world war II, used to be a military base. Here, you and your friends accidentally open a ghostly rift and encounter spirits and strange messages from the past. Your Task: Make correct choices and find a way to close that spirit rift.

Half-Life Series

Half-life, which was released is 1998 for windows, is a real classic that has been remade for various platforms. It’s a first-person shooting game where you play a scientist named Gordon Freeman who works at a research facility, the Black Mesa. Due to a small mistake in one of your experiments, you have opened up a portal to another dimension that carries the creatures who want to take over the earth. You know what to do to send them back but you have to face them first.

West of Loathing

West of Loathing, by Asymmetric, is a role-playing game that takes place in Asymmetric’s kingdom of loathing. It’s an amazing, open-world adventure with art made up of stick figures. In fact, the whole game world looks like a pencil sketch made by a 6 years old. But hey, don’t let its childish graphics and simple design fool you. The game is filled with many western cliches and funny jokes, which will leave you laughing out loud.


In the game, you’ll be facing goblins, demon cows, cowboy skeletons, and many other crazy villains. There are many quests and adventures that will keep you indulged for a long time. And the most important thing, the simple graphic and design means you can run this on any system.

Civilization V

No list of video games can be considered complete without mentioning a Civilization title. And luckily, Civilization V is light enough to make it to this list of games for low-end systems. The game starts with you in the year 4000 BC with just a single settler. And over time, you need to build a city and then turn it into an empire. With the help of technologies and strategies, step by step, you will work towards beating your enemies in the quest for world domination.

However, the task isn’t that simple. The game requires deep and creative thinking. And thus, it is not for people who are not patient enough.

Hack Series

The Hack Series is an amazing text adventure that consists of three simulators- Hack time, Hack Run, and Hack Run Zero. The storyline puts you into the shoes of a hacker who has just received an offer from an unknown “employer”. And this “employer” strangely knows a lot about you and your skills. This unknown employer wants you to infiltrate an evil corporation and dig out some information for them. But will you do that? And if yes, then how?

The game developers have done a remarkable job creating this fake digital world that seems very real and interesting once you are into it. The puzzles can be real hard at times and require keen attention to details. Plus, the text-only theme makes it perfect for any type of system you have.

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